how much will it cost me?

We offer a bespoke service that is tailored to your needs. As this is dependent on a variety of conditions (including car make, model and whether you have a working key or not), prices are individual and provided on a quotation basis.

Will you damage my car?

Our specialist locksmiths are trained to use non destructive methods to gain entry to your vehicle.

Will my new spare key start the engine as well as unlock the door?

All keys that we supply and program to your car will work as does the original key. It will unlock the doors and start the engine (also with working remote if specified).

will you travel to me?

We can travel to wherever your car key related problem has occurred. Be it home, work or even out shopping. We can cut and program your car keys whether you need a spare car key or you’ve lost all your car keys. We can get to you throughout Devon.

Will you charge me if you can’t gain entry?

No, if we can’t gain entry or create you a car key that starts your car or van you will not be charged.

Can you create me a key when all car keys are lost including the spare?

Yes, in most cases we can create you a new car key when no keys are present. There are a few cases where it may be difficult to create a working key, This is dependent on your car, make, model and year. Give us a call 07403639918 or fill in the free quote form below.


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Working keys that start the engine of the vehicle.