spare key

It is highly advised to get a spare key before all keys are lost as it is cheaper and easier to produce. On average it will cost up to 75% more for an auto locksmith to produce a key in an all keys lost situation. Save yourself the cost and stress and get a spare key made.

Since 1998, it became mandatory to have an immobiliser fitted to your car. This caused a dramatic drop in car theft. However, for the auto locksmith it meant more was required than simply cutting a key. Programming a new key means getting the transponder in the key and the vehicles ECU to communicate with each other.

Using our specialist cloning equipment we can clone your transponder in the existing key and create you a new key. This can be done at a fraction of the cost and the saving can be passed onto you.

At Auto lock Devon we’re fully mobile and able to get the job done be it roadside or at your place of work. we’re available 24/7 and will strive to get to you within 30 mins.