Why not go straight to the dealership?

If you’ve lost all your keys, or simply need a spare key, going to your main dealer is always an option. Here in Exeter, it might seem especially convenient, being named the European hub for car dealerships. However using main dealers can be a far more expensive option. Also, the process involved is timely and can mean you end up without your car for an inconvenient period of time. If you’ve lost all your keys you will be locked out of your car and need to be recovered and towed back to the main dealership. This will incur costs ranging from £100- £150 for towing alone.

Once at the dealership they will need to keep your car, in some cases for up to 5 days, to program your new keys to the car. Some dealerships will want to replace your entire car’s ECU (Engine Control Unit) to be able to program your spare key. This will incur huge costs and potentially the loss of your car for up to 5 days. For some people their car is vital to their job especially if they’re a tradesman or if you use your car to commute. If you can’t borrow a car from family, you may have to hire a car for the time your car is off the road. Again this will incur costs ranging from £100 to £250.

After you’ve got your car back with your new car key, the bill can range from any where from £100 up to £500, all depending on make and model. In total you could be paying out between £300 to £900 as well as having the inconvenience of losing your car for a number of days.

Your second option is to go to your local auto car locksmith. Once you’ve made the call, you will get the price for the entire job. The auto locksmith would gain access to your car using non-destructive methods. Then using specialist equipment they will be able to cut and program a new key or spare key to your vehicle. All this is done at a fraction of the cost of main dealership quotations, not to mention saving hours of inconvenience for the customer.

The auto locksmith can assist in a range of services such as spare car keys, locked keys in car, help when you’re locked out of your car, or when all car keys are lost. You won’t be without your car. Some auto locksmiths (like Auto Lock Devon!) also do other specialist jobs such as security upgrades for vans or, if you are worried that your keys have been stolen, can delete existing car keys and change car locks. One of the big advantages of using a car locksmith is that they can get to you the same day, do the job at the road side and travel to where is convenient for you. Being a car locksmith in Exeter, Auto Lock Devon has a prime, central location, meaning we can get to you quickly.

If you have any questions or require our services please get in contact either through our website or give us a call. www.autolockdevon.co.uk/contact Tel: 01392949004 Mob: 07403639918