Help! I've lost my car keys



Car key……..?

We’ve all had that heart drop moment when we realise we haven’t seen our car keys for quite a while. Even after searching high and low. Below are 4 points to consider in your moment of panic.

1 Don’t Panic

Most importantly don’t panic there is a solution no matter the outcome of your search. Whether you’ve lost all your car keys, have a spare car key but want a replacement or you’ve remembered you’ve locked your keys in the car. There is always a solution to your car key related problem and more than likely it can be resolved on the same day.

2 Retrace

Make sure you retrace your steps. In your blind panic people normally miss the obvious, like the pocket of the coat you were wearing yesterday or your old hand bag. Not so obvious we’ve even known car keys to turn up in the fridge.

3 Evaluate

After a good search you need to evaluate your situation. This is important for the next section. You’ll need to know whether you have a working key or not. In other words have you lost all your keys or have you lost the main key but still have the spare. In some circumstances you’ll find you’ve locked your car keys in the car. This is important as you’ll have to tell whoever you turn to next and it can vastly change the cost of the service required.

4 Options

You’ve got 4 options as to who to contact.

  1. The Auto locksmith

    The first and probably in my biased opinion is the cheapest and quickest: the auto locksmith is a mobile workshop who can travel to you, and in the best case scenario the very same day. An auto locksmith will carry a large amount of equipment that can cut and program a massive variety or car makes and models. They have the technical ability to gain entry to almost any car/van make and model and without causing any damage to your vehicle. Other services an auto locksmith can also help with:

    Repairing broken keys

    Gaining access to your locked car

    Changing broken locks

    Programming keys when all car keys are lost

    Copying working keys

  2. Breakdown service

    Who ever this may be it could be a long wait. You can’t be sure of the equipment they’re carrying on board. Whether they have the correct stock of keys/remotes for your make and model of car. In some cases the call the assistance of the auto locksmith.

  3. Insurance

    If your insurance cover includes this key cover this is an option. In most cases this is an add on where you will have to pay extra for car key cover. Insurance companies tend to use the auto locksmith to complete their services.

  4. Car dealership

    This option is normally the most expensive and the slowest they normally have to order in the car keys which could take a few days. If you’ve lost all your keys you will have to get your car towed to the dealership to have to your new car keys programmed costing an extra expense. In some circumstances they end up using an auto locksmith in the end.

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