What is a car key Transponder

A key transponder provides an extra level of security for your vehicle.

“The proportion of cars in England and Wales without immobilisers fell from 77% to 22% between 1991 and 2006, and those without central locking from 60% to 12%. The number of stolen cars fell around two-thirds from half a million to around 175,000 per year and theft from vehicles from 2.4 to 1.1 million”

The Crime Drop and the Security Hypothesis Graham Farrell, Nick Tilley, Andromachi Tseloni and Jen Mailley Loughborough University and Nottingham Trent University

When factory fitted immobilisers became mandatory in the UK, car crime fell overnight.

Your car key transponder will either look like one of the two below.

All transponders have a small micro circuit located inside of its casing which is powered by an electromagnetic field. The process of a successful engine start requires the transponder chip to send the correct code to the engine ecu which when received will start the engine.

The transponder is only needed to start the engine. The chip is not needed to open the doors or turn the ignition on.

Over time transponder technology has advanced. The first transponders would send a single fixed code to the ecu which would never change. More advanced chips use a rolling code system where by the transponder and the engine ECU have to be synchronised with each other as the code sent between them changes every time the engine is started.

The constant advancement in transponders is helping cut car crime even further. However it makes the job of an auto locksmith even more difficult. The process of replacing a lost car key or making a spare car key is still possible with the hardware and software used by an auto locksmith such as Auto Lock Devon. The car’s ECU can normally be accessed and a new transponder chip stored on the memory which will start the engine.

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